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Why should employers promote healthy living to their teams? 

What if your employees were offered a three hour course that improved their physical, mental and emotional wellness giving them real life tools to enhance their quality of life while dramatically improving their work performance? 

It's time to jump start a culture of wellness with a transformative  experience that goes well beyond just physical health. 

A recent study conducted by Indeed, showed 52% of respondents feel burned out, with a majority saying feelings of burn out have worsened post pandemic.

Employees are stressed, anxious, depressed, burnt out, and are suffering from a level of grief they may not even recognize. As a result, your workplace may be affected by the following:

● Productivity decreases when employees are not able to get everything
accomplished they set out to do.
Quality suffers when employees can’t take the time to do their jobs
Growth stalls when employees are not able to break away to take new
training or implement a process that will benefit the business.
Customer Service declines when employees are grinding just to get by
and lose focus on building and sustaining customer relationships.
Morale drops causing employees to lose passion and disengage.
Increasing the risk of burnout and potential turn-over.
Reputation will suffer as a result.

Stressors both inside and outside of the workplace have caused employees to reach unprecedented stress levels. 

Here's the deal

Recent studies have found that people are stressed over current events, finances,
healthcare and politics, in addition to life events, such as; the death of a loved one, a new baby, divorce or separation, loss or change in career, personal injury or illness, caring for a loved one, and the list goes on.

In addition, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has deeply altered
social and working environments. Social distancing, mandatory lockdowns, isolation
periods, and anxiety of getting sick, along with loss of income and fear of the future, jointly influence the mental health of citizens and workers.

Now more than ever, aspects of the workplace can play a crucial role in moderating or worsening the mental health of its employees.

Combined, this team of experts will teach your team real life techniques and tools to build a positive mind-body connection. Their teachings will help to boost energy & mood, productivity, engagement, and help your team to find more happiness and overall quality in their lives. 


The Human Wellness Experience provides evidence-based outcomes by teaching real life tools to help your employees manage their time, stress, and health-what we call the "trifecta" of best self! Let our experts teach your employees how to discover everyday techniques to help them thrive both personally and professionally. 

If you are looking for effective ways to help your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle, boost workplace morale, and increase employee engagement, consider contacting
The Human Wellness Experience.

Ways We Help

Better cope with with stress
Live a healthier, more energetic lifestyle

Promote healing of past life events
Fresh prospectives and new ways of thinking about overall wellness
Feel happier, more relaxed, and perform better in the workplace

at the end of the day your team will be equipped with tools to

Our trio of Wellness Professionals is uniquely qualified to inspire your team to live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

A transformative approach to handle both personal & professional stressors that impact work performance. 

meet our wellness expert team

Lisa Muise, Owner of CrossFit Lunacy is a Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness coach, who
began her journey in 2012 after recognizing the importance of whole-body health &
wellness. Lisa paralleled her very successful career as an Executive Liaison for over
two decades in a fortune 500 company, with coaching on her off corporate hours. She is
an entrepreneur at heart who teaches her clients the importance of taking care of both
mind and body, allowing them to take charge of their lives and feel confident in the
choices they make.

lisa muise

Liane Smola, Owner and Founder of GuidanceByLi is a Personal Growth & Grief Coach, who began her journey in 2014 after losing her brother to addiction. Throughout her professional career and leadership roles in healthcare administration, Liane was also embarking on a personal growth journey to help herself with the grief of losing her brother. Liane immersed herself in the self-help space and took a very non-traditional route to help herself on her grief journey. Liane now owns her private practice where she coaches individuals, families, groups, and corporations on how to process and handle grief, walk alongside of it, and live a life of fulfillment. 

liane smola

Scott Weiss, Owner and Founder of Kay Journal & Live Your Life With Purpose Podcast began his journey in 2015 following his mother’s passing from Alzheimer’s disease. Following years of being a full-time caregiver, Scott found himself in a place where he spent most of his adult life trying to make others happy, without recognizing how to do the same for himself. He began a weekly accountability worksheet which eventually became a high-performance goal setting journal. Scott spent over 14 years as an executive level recruiter and is now an entrepreneur working as an Executive Life and Career Coach, teaching others how to take control of their actions and live their lives with purpose!

scott weiss

Combined, this team of experts will teach your team real life techniques and tools to build a positive mind-body connection. Their teachings will help to boost energy & mood, productivity, engagement, and help your team to find more happiness and overall quality in their lives.

Meet Our Team


Say hello to a workplace culture that values the mental, physical and emotional wellness of its employees. 

Say goodbye to unmanaged stress

- John Maxwell 

"Great leaders know that no job is more important than their continual investment in people." 

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The course is approximately three hours. Each of our wellness experts will present on their topics, allowing for questions and answers at the end of each segment. 

How long is this course? 

The Human Wellness Experience is for any group of work colleagues-whether this is in an office setting, school, small business, or large corporations. 

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Deep Health With Lisa Muise

  • What is Deep Health? 
  • Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • How these elements effect your overall wellness


  • Understanding the benefits of journaling
  • How to prioritize you while taking care of others
  • Mastering your mindful journey

Best Self with Scott Weiss


Real-life tools to help your employees feel & perform their best. 

A human wellness experience topic overview

  • Uncovering the connection between grief, hardship, stress, change and your ability to be productive both in and out of the workplace
  • Unlock your ability to process and control your emotions
  • Discover a happier, healthier, more engaged and productive version of YOU 

Live a Life of Fulfillment with Liane Smola


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